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Taste the culture-Taste the street foods

Whenever I visit to a new place, I can never control myself from having tasted the local foods. According to me visiting to a place or enjoy the travelling would be incomplete until you taste the local foods. Local foods are the story tellers of the history and cultural practice of that area and it also draw the outline of the geography. The local street foods always snatch my concern. I always think that the street foods have the personal touch of that person, who is making them and that is why I can relate myself with the street foods. The elaborate display and context make me a past of them. Whenever I speak about street foods, Thailand reminds me the soulful welcome from the delicious varieties of street food.

Bangkok welcomed me with the foods on street. Some of them were known and some of them were suspicious and unknown but overall they were able to stimulate my taste buds. The way they display ingredients and process foods, it is an art and would definitely make you stand for a while. It is said that some of the street foods in Bangkok are rivals of the big names of restaurants. Tasting food is only to taste the local touches. So, I used to choose the streets that were crowded with local people so that I can taste the reality, as the vendors were not there to display for the tourists. Before tasting the foods, I suggest you should study about the foods and ingredients, as some may not be good for your health or some experiences would not be delightful. I have made a list of few areas, where I enjoyed the foods the fullest. Silom Road is the central business district of Bangkok, so this is the place where many local people gathered and when needed they take foods. This Silom Road is also the place where you can find almost every Thai food in cheap price. The street foods in Banglamphu area are different. The foods around the Khao San are really great.  Some of the foods still try to nurture my aspiration of taste buds. The signature soup Tom Saap is so delicious that it would make you taste again and again. I would suggest you to taste Panang curry and Gai Pad Pongali at least once. Other than the safari and magnificent beauty of Pataya, Bangkok street foods are also another reason why I would want to visit Thailand again.

Solo travelling

My teacher always used to say that if we really want to gather true knowledge, then we should travel through different places in order to experience the fragrances of history, geography, culture, life and many more things. We cannot travel everywhere in this planet within our short life span but we can gather enough knowledge by visiting places as much as possible. Since my childhood I love to explore new place around the world and that is why I still love to browse different websites on travelling and go through various books. It is surprising that we know very less about our planet, about the beauty of human beings. The more we travel, the more we can explore.

Getting out with family is completely different from travelling with the close friends. A family outing always gives you the knowledge based on experiences and the enjoyment with fiends would make the enjoyment of travelling more colorful. But solo travelling always brings you to the height of another kind of amusement. Believe me, it would give you the pleasure of recreation and relaxation; it would give you the chance to meet new people and make new friends. My teacher truly said-“solo travelling helps you to broad your self-awareness and would change your view towards world.” While I visit to a new place lonely, I find a newer self into my soul. I think travelling alone is the best way for nurturing the world, as it would help you explore things without any influence from others. I wondered I have done so many things that I had not done before. Solo travelling is the way of opening your mind towards the colorfulness and unheard tunes of the world and nature. I often discovered that whenever I travel alone, I could manage to connect myself in various aspects and could find the oneness among the wholeness. It seems that I am free from any colloquial calamities in this world. I have spent a whole day without doing nothing but believe me doing nothing and feeling the nature or involve yourself into the singleness of the natural beauty is itself an awesome mind refreshing experience. Obviously you should visit those places where you have wanted to be otherwise you will end up with nothing. Such as, if you like beach or sea then you should research about the best beaches around the world and ignore hills. But on the other side travelling lonely may make you love the things that you have never thought to like.